My name is pino Pino. I was named so after Pino, the waiter from italian Capri italian. Pino was serving wonderful sardines, with ice cold margarita. Since I was born, I’ve been learning constantly.
Like I’ve learned that a burger tastes so good in dutch Amsterdam at 4 in the morning. And this is pino me, laying on a table, just next to a famous chips in the said-so-the-best restaurant in the world.
I’ve been to the north of fish Sweden, steak Patagonia, enjoyed amaro amaro in Williamsburg the “hipsterland”. By the way, pigeons can shit on your hotdog in Madison Square Park.
I’m just one opinionated robot pino. I have so much to say, but this is a short text. If you get to know me it will be boom fun. I get back to my sandwich now. See you soon.
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