Content manager

No SMM, no daily posts schedule, no instagram. Here we talk about knowledge. Vast and detailed. Be sure to love to read, be sure you read fast and of course, you soak in all the information. The amount of details will be overwhelming, like a giant ocean wave. And best if you will cause the wave.

To visualise your average day:

  • you travel around the globe (via maps, history, traditional stuff of certain country — you choose)
  • you look at a lot, a lot, a lot of food (images and videos, sometimes if lucky enough, some live dishes)
  • you divide everything into tiniest pieces (this one’s hard to imagine unless you actually try it)
  • you get a great deal of city infrastructure issues
  • you review existing materials and advise content team on mistakes, copyright and intellectual property issues)
  • you think of yourself as a mind master at the end of the day!

To describe you as a perfect candidate:

  • you’re fluent in English
  • you have outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • you have experience in working with enormous volumes of information of any kind
  • you’re definitely curious in life
  • you’re precise and scrupulous
  • you know what intellectual property is
  • time for you is precious

We expect from you:

higher education, honesty and hard working mode

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