DevOps Engineer

To visualise your average day:

  • You operate maintain and develop the current project infrastructure
  • You develop tools and automatisation of the deployment of systems, projects and environments
  • You set up AWS environment
  • You develop CI and CD
  • You set up system monitoring
  • You get ready for building loaded systems

To describe you as a perfect candidate:

  • You have minimum 3 years of Linux administration experience
  • You understand how popular open source applications are organised (web servers, databases, mail servers, etc.), and have experience in administering them
  • You specifically experienced in the configuration and operation of PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, ElasticSearch, Python projects
  • You’ve got good knowledge of scripting languages ​​(Shell, Python, etc)
  • You have experience of setting up CI and CD systems
  • You understand what containerisation is and when it is required
  • You’ve got knowledge of different deployment schemes (compiled frontend, backend, mobile, cluster)
  • You have profound knowledge of how loaded systems work
  • You’re fluent in technical English language
  • Time and data are precious for you
  • You love this work

We expect from you:

readiness to work hard straight away and be in touch in case of emergency. Desire to get closer to building loaded systems as fast as possible

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