Lead Frontend Developer

To visualise your average day:

  • You develop and test reusable code using available frameworks and libraries
  • You document and diagram complex web applications
  • You design development workflow using source control
  • You follow and create technical specifications
  • You develop new features in our tools
  • You support our current actual tools (Vue)
  • You develop infrastructure solutions (assembly, testing, rolling out, automation).
  • You integrate code with other technologies such as REST Web Services, CMS / Commerce systems, 3rd party APIs, etc.

To describe you as a perfect candidate:

  • You have extensive experience in hand coding of HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • You love working with JS libraries like Vue and React
  • You’re fluent in source control, such as Git
  • You have experience in NodeJS
  • You have experience in React/Redux/Webpack;
  • You’re server side technology literate
  • You know web standards and CSS/media query/responsive layout
  • You understand on-page SEO and Accessibility
  • You are an expert debugger with unit testing skills
  • You know how precious the time is and spend it efficiently at work
  • You can indicate by yourself and respect the deadline for tasks
  • You’re good with teamwork and it doesn’t distract you from your personal duties
  • You’re always ready to answer the questions about work progress

We expect from you:

4+ years experience and readiness to work for the best result

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